About me

23 year-old Romanian artist residing in Groningen, NL. Graduated in Illustration & Animation within Academy Minerva's Design programme at Hanzehogenschool.

Once afraid of the world, I then started to draw. Once afraid of the unknown, I then started to animate. Once afraid of commitment, I then started to paint. I attempt to create vibrant, eye-catching art using bold colors, unique shapes, and unexpected elements, weather it is in an illustrationn, a poster, an animation or a makeup look. I stray away from simplicity, being drawn towards crowded patterns and shocking subjects, unique perspectives and strong light. I play with styles, mediums and materials without seeming to stick to a specific "style"- as a artist that stopped experimenting will never be happy again.

Tools: Wacom Cintiq 13HD / Paint Tool SAI / Adobe Photoshop, Animate, After effects and Premiere Pro / Watercolors / Gouache / Acrylics / Riso-printing / Colored Pencils / Cinema 4D