Hidden Stories

"Hidden Stories" is a revamped verision of one of my older drawings. It represents a petrified woman in various light sources: In the first two, she is "broken" - with cracks all over her body, or black eyes (a result of either violence, or crying, therefore, smudged make-up), while in the last one, the light reveals a shadow of someone's hand, As a result, her expression changes into a slightly happier version, while the colors on her body are starting to change from cool tones to warm tones. With this short animation, I wanted to tell a story that many of us can live at one point in our lifes: we feel sadness, pain, powerlessness while facing life's challanges; and in those times, all we need is for someone to pick us up and remind us how to live - and that someone can be even ourselves.

Cintiq 13HD + Paint Tool SAI & Gimp 2.0
5+ hours of work